It's None Of Your Business (Yes, It Is) is a workshop we created to showcase our knowledge and experience of the event planning and design industry. Attendees learn how to start and run a creative planning and design business. Just like that. Just like ours. All the info you need.

The concept was born after we realized a couple of things. First, we had countless emails and phone calls from gals that were interested in getting the lowdown on the business from people like ourselves. "There must be a demand," we thought. And there sure was. Our first event was a hit and a sell out. Secondly, and most importantly, we wanted to create a network of support and enthusiasm amongst like minded and driven event professionals. As we're not the secretive type, we thought, why not share the wealth of knowledge that we've gained over the years? Thinking about opening a planning and design business? Join us, let's be friends.

  • The pleasure of listening to numerous event professionals and how they relate/collaborate with a business like ours
  • A comprehensive site visit
  • A toolbox packed with informative, fun, and yummy goodies
  • An informative packet, hard copy & online, that includes but is not limited to the following: 
  1. Steps to starting your business: networking, legal filings, business plans, creating your brand, types of businesses you can form, contracts/proposals, etc. 
  2. Steps to running your business: pricing structures, advertising & blogs, timelines, floorplans, design tips and so much more.